Branded Housing Project

KentPlus projects is extremely important in terms of displaying new opening and vision of EMAY Construction Inc.


Through those projects, it has been aimed that a safe, strong, qualified life style through social reinforcement prepared thinking any kind of needs to the middle and over-middle income groups and high income groups with affordable prices.


Created with the approach of “presenting and demanding more in each area of the life, on each subject”, the "PLUS" concept was formed in order to raise the life quality adding new pluses to the life and to form a new perspective to housing market. 
Following KentPlus Ataşehir, KentPlus Mimarsinan and KentPlus Kartal projects were developed with the purpose of creating privileged lives. KentPlus Centrium Park & Tower and Kentplus Newport Projects are also continued to be developed with the same purpose through KentPlus Kadıköy.

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