Pleon Sportivo

Pleon Sportivo

Seeing the sports as a part of daily life for a qualified and healthy life and setting out in order to provide variety in sports for those searching perfection in each field from decoration to service, Pleon Sportivo has been launched as a five-floor complex in Ataşehir.

Becoming popular through the plus values contributed to the city life through Plus Concept, Emay İnşaat put one more plus in Ataşehir. Established on an area of 6500 m² in KentPlus Ataeşehir, the five-floor sport complex Pleon Sportivo provides the luxury of life very near to your house through the dynamism of the city life, not the disturbance and the peace of the nature.

 Connected to the past of the sport from Ancient Greece and to the future of the sport through modern and the most technological equipment, the complex enables a limitless freedom of action to all subscribers that they cannot live in the city life.

 Including a team each of which is expert in their own fields, Pleon Sportivo provides cardio and fitness centres, as well as various opportunities such as squash court, boxing ring, indoor swimming pool, Turkish bathroom, SPA centre and various activity fields.

 Being one of the most modern sport and SPA centres not only in Ataşehir but also in Istanbul, Pleon Sportivo was renewed totally and put into service for the subscribers on 26th August 2013. You can reach detailed information on Pleon Sportivo from phone number: 444 12 00 and on web address:


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