KentPlus Mimarsinan

Succeeding through the KentPlus Ataşehir project, Emay İnşaat established its 2nd project KentPlus MimarSinanwith Plus concept in Büyükçekmece – Mimaroba for those giving importance to life quality.

 Combining the blue and green through the importance that Emay Inşaat gives to the nature carrying the standards of Ataşehir to Mimarsinan, KentPlus Mimarsinan is composed of 660 flats, most of which have sea landscape in 19 blocks. 

 Emay İnşaat gathered many successful technical names in construction field in Turkey within KentPlus Mimarsinan which was planned and contracted out by Emlak GYO A.Ş., an affiliate of T.R. Housing Development Administration of Turkey. KentPlus Mimarsinan bears the signature of the Architecture Erol Kuzubaşıoğlu. The project, ground survey of which was approved by Prof. Dr. Erol Güler,  one of the instructor in Boğaziçi University Construction Engineering Department, was built by tunnel formwork technology, which is the most reliable construction techniques against the earthquake. 

 32.000 square meters of the project spread on a total area of 42.000 square meters are composed of social reinforcement and landscape. Undertaken to be delivered in December 2007, KentPLUS Mimarsinan was completed early and begun to be delivered to the flat owners in August 2007.

Site Features

  • Parking area and parking lot
  • Running and walking tracks
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Two decorative pools and pergolas planned for enjoyable walking and small resting
  • Two boutique shop such as pharmacy, tailor, dry cleaning, and market
  • Fitness centre, café & restaurant, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, social complex with billiard and table tennis halls 


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