KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort

“The realities beyond your imagination await you in that “place” that is designed for you and those who feel like you.”

KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort is designed with an innovative point of view in this region of Yalova ; surrounded by virgin forests , crowned by sea and thermal springs  & it is not only a modern living space but also the leader of change in the region.

KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort , being constructed  on 383,500 m2 area ,  is a focus of interest for local & foreign investors ;  with its 163 blocks, 1001 flats ( residence & time share units ), three 5 star thermal hotels and the integrated unique landscape area of 230,000m2.

Within this project ;

There are 163 blocks that consist of 60 different flat types of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 5+1 options with large garden terrace  having sea & nature view.

The 5 star  KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort thermal hotels ,  having 1.000 bed capacity , will offer  world class services  to its’ guests  with  conference rooms, ballrooms, SPA , fitness rooms and restaurants.   Such hotel complex  is independently a “centre of attraction”. 

This unique landscape area of 230,000 m2  ;  offers a pond area of 1.200 m2,  social facility & recreational areas,  playgrounds,  a  kindergarden & many other activities for kids and youth alike,   restaurants serving different kinds of choices from world cuisine to fast-food,  a  mall, a leisure centre having commercial and entertainment grounds  and sport facilities.

The specially designed sandy beach of  KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort connects the green with blue . The “Beach Hamam”  adds to this pleasure.

The Physicotherapy Medical Centre  that is one of the  specific services of  KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort;   will bring the opportunities of thermal water together with detox,  physicotherapy  and rehabilitation.

Thermal water pools and fresh water pools are  getting  together  in  KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort.  A thermal pool , an open swimming pool , a Turkish Bath and a massage saloon are located at the social facility areas.  The health effects  of the water is ensured for all users by connecting the water supply of the pools.

With the school, a mosque and a closed parking garage ; a  fully  equipped  life  is  being  projected in KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort.

With the  human oriented architectural design ,  the effective use of natural sources (thermal water) and the innovative engineering approaches ;  the life in KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort is aimed to start at the end of 2018.


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